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Fast Turnarounds for BMW Key Replacement

A lost or damaged key can really slow you down, but Advanced Locksmith Inc. wants to help you get back on the road fast. Not only do we carry a variety of key fobs that may be compatible with your vehicle, but we have specialized equipment designed to program key replacements in no time.

When you contact us, we will spring into action to understand what kind of vehicle you drive and what type of replacement you require. We'll do what we can to get a new key in your hand quickly so that you can get on with your day without too much delay.

Mobile Key Replacement – We Come to You

If you can’t access your vehicle, let alone start your car – you likely won’t be able to make it into the shop. Our team understands the nature of key replacements and is proud to offer our clients convenient mobile servicing.

Whether you are stuck at home, at the office, or in the parking lot of a shopping mall, when you contact our team, we will dispatch a technician to your location as soon as possible. When we arrive, we will work fast to program a new key so that you won’t be stranded for long.

Find Great Rates on Car Key Replacement

Rarely do our clients plan to have an issue with their car keys. We understand that these matters are unexpected, and we don’t want our clients blowing the bank trying to find a solution. Our team is proud to offer some of the most competitive rates on car key replacement in the area. We will also be sure to let you know just how much your new key will be before proceeding so there will be no surprises on the final bill – guaranteed.

If you’d like to learn more about our pricing or to find answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at any time. We are always happy to chat with our clients.

Understanding the Unique Nature of BMW Key Replacement

As a BMW owner, you know that these vehicles do not use traditional keys but fobs that can be reprogrammed and reset. This makes replacing the key a whole lot easier, but finding someone who specializes in this industry isn't always easy.

Our team is pleased to offer specialized servicing for BMW key replacement. If your existing key is not working, we may be able to reset it or reprogram it entirely. If you've lost your key, we will replace the fob altogether and program it to work with your vehicle.


HAVE AN EMERGENCY BMW OR MERCEDES KEY OR ELECTRICAL PROBLEM? CALL (972) 693-1868. There are few things more irritating than rushing to get on the road only to find that you are accidentally locked out of your car. This can be extra frustrating for BMW owners in Dallas since your vehicle has to be brought into a dealership for a key replacement and it can take days to get your car back. But there's a solution–Advanced Locksmith Inc.. We specialize in locksmith services for BMW vehicles both old and new. Most BMW on the road nowadays are accessed by fob which sends a pre-programmed unique electronic signal to the car, allowing you to access it. This makes it much harder for thieves, but it also makes the process of getting a new key or fixing an issue much longer. We have the knowledge and equipment to create a key replacement for you the same day.


To combat the inconvenience BMW owners must go through when working with a dealership, Advanced Locksmith Inc. offers a mobile service that will come to you to fix the problem. Our truck has all the necessary equipment to create a key replacement. Have you been wanting a second key made for your vehicle? We will create a second key/fob for 50% of the first replacement.


Our staff is not only trained in locksmithing but also the electrical systems that modern manufacturers use to allow for greater security. We are practiced in dealer level diagnostic procedures so that we can pinpoint the reason a client's auto electrical system is malfunctioning. Because it is useless to replace a key if the problem lies in the car's systems.

As computers go hand in hand with modern cars we can also look at the programming of the CPU in the vehicle. Our technicians can reprogram or clone the various components such as the engine control unit, body control module, transmission, immobilizer and more.


The people of Dallas can come to see us for:

  • BMW lockout
  • BMW key replacement
  • BMW key programming
  • BMW fob repair
  • Complete computer diagnostics
  • Engine Control Unit programming ECU
  • Ignition Switch programming EIS
  • Steering Lock programming ESL
  • Transmission Shifters programming ESM
  • Transmission Computer programming ETC
  • Electrical systems
  • Car no start diagnostic
  • Trunk lockout
  • BMW jump-start service

WHY RELY ON Advanced Locksmith Inc.?

Advanced Locksmith Inc. provides a specialty service that very few outside of BMW dealerships can perform. Our staff is professional, friendly and will gladly explain any aspect of the replacement, diagnostic or programming process to you. Our company is based on honest communication with our Dallas clients combined with fair pricing. We are proud to be a Screened and Approved company. If you have any questions about the services we provide, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


  • Dealer level diagnostic and programming
  • Onsite key repair & replacement and programming
  • Engine control unit ECU, programming
  • Steering lock ESL, programming
  • Electronic ignition lock EIS, programming
  • Transmission shifter ESM, programming

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