Biometric Access Control Services in Richardon

Whether you are using biometric access control systems to limit access, secure restricted locations or to save time with attendance management, it is without a doubt the most effective way to keep your facility safe and organized.

Biometric devices do much more than just authentication. They are capable of providing the right kind of security to specific places and can adjust accordingly if necessary, should a threat present itself. In order to manage employees, visitors, and contract workers, more properties are now implementing smarter access control systems.

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Biometric access control systems come in various types of sizes with several unique capabilities. Advanced Locksmith Inc. can help you in choosing the perfect system designed to benefit you and your property in the greatest way possible.

Types of Biometric Sensors:

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition takes a fingerprint image of the arches and loops along with the outline of edges and furrows. Matching the finger can be done in one of three ways. Minutiae-based fingerprint matching is done by storing a plane, including a set of points. Correlation-based fingerprint matching overlays two fingerprint images. Ridge featured fingerprint matching captures the ridges instead of points, which is a much more innovative method. Whatever level of fingerprint security you are looking for, we can install it.

Face Recognition

A face recognition system is a biometric computer application which identifies a person based on a digital image and then compares and analyzes patterns. Facial recognition systems can currently recognize 80 nodal points on the human face. These nodal points are endpoints used to measure the distance of variables on a person’s face, such as the length and width of their nose or the depth of the eye sockets.

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition systems use the intricate patterns of the iris and the distinct color of the iris around the pupil of the eye to identify a person. Iris recognition is a method that uses mathematical pattern recognition. The iris of the eye has been described as the ideal part of the human body for biometric identification.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology captures speech patterns as well as physiological and behavioral traits to distinguish the speaker. Properties which are used for authentication are nasal tone, inflection, cadence, and fundamental frequency.

Affordable and High-Security Biometric Access Control

By installing a biometric access control system on your property, you can restrict access to sensitive operations and assets and the premises. These systems are easy to manage and are administered based on an individual basis.

We can integrate biometrics with your existing access control system, making it all that more easy to install. Advanced Locksmith Inc. offers affordable solutions to upgrade your current security protocols in Richardon. Call us now for more information on how to increase security for your property.

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