Ignition Services in Garland

We are usually driving because we have somewhere to get to. A smooth-running vehicle is not a luxury but rather a necessity. When your car doesn’t start, it causes immediate stress and frustration. Advanced Locksmith Inc. is here to take that worry off your hands and into the hands of our qualified locksmiths.

We only hire experts in the field who understand the intricacies of modern ignition systems. Equipped with advanced equipment and the most modern industry techniques, our qualified team knows how to navigate the complex electrical components that lead to your car’s ignition switch. Call us for an ignition service quote at (214) 468-0007.

Reliable Car Ignition Repair and Replacement Services

Advanced Locksmith Inc. Gets You to Where You Need to Be

The ignition system is essentially the most important part of your vehicle. Without it, your car would not be able to start or continue to run. Advanced Locksmith Inc. can replace your ignition quickly with a high-quality switch.

We can also perform simple repairs on your ignition system by replacing the wafers so that you can turn the ignition switch on. We also provide maintenance services to keep your ignition in pristine condition, thus avoiding problems in the future.

Ignition Switch Replacement Service

Our specialists will first assess all the components of your ignition, including the locks, switches, and system wiring. When your car won’t start due to ignition switch issues, the power is disrupted at the point of where your key is inserted. There is an energy flow that is not being appropriately directed through the ignition. In this case, our team will perform a full ignition switch replacement to ensure a proper functioning vehicle.

Broken Key Extraction

Keys, like many other mechanical pieces, experience wear and tear over time. We usually only notice once it’s too late and the blade breaks inside of your lock. Extracting a key can prove very difficult if you don’t have the proper tools to get the job done. We will extract your key efficiently without causing damage to your lock.

Ignition Switch Repairs

Ignition problems are more common than you’d think. When you experience problems with your ignition it doesn’t always mean you need a full replacement. Modern vehicles are more complex than ever before. You need a certified locksmith from Advanced Locksmith Inc. to repair your ignition switch. The good news is that we are significantly less expensive than a visit to your dealership.

Ignition Maintenance

Maintaining your ignition system is key to avoiding a complicated inconvenient situation down the road. Faulty ignition switch problems should not be avoided or ignored. As soon as you notice something isn’t working as it should call our automotive locksmiths right away. We will take a look at your ignition system and promise to give an honest diagnostic of your problem.

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