Electronic Access Control Services in Garland

Advanced Locksmith Inc. has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of high-security electronic access control systems for different types of organizations and businesses. We have years of practice using leading products and technologies.

Our expertise in the industry allows us to offer electronic control solutions for every type of building or facility in Garland. Contact our locksmiths to begin building the control system that is right for your security needs.

Electronic Access Control Systems for Your Needs

Not all electronic access control systems have the same components or provide the same level of security. The main objective of an electronic access control system is to regulate and monitor individuals’ access within a building or site. Such systems are tailored to the type of property, size, and traffic volume.

Integrated Electronic Access Control Solutions

There are many factors to consider when designing a solution that is best for your security and safety. Our engineers will need to assess your property needs, and how easy it would be to integrate the new electronic access control system into your current one.

Depending on your facility, our technicians will also need to determine whether wireless or wired applications can be used for your security system or if we will need to install specialized equipment.

Installation and Programming of Your Access Control System

Advanced Locksmith Inc.’s highly competent technicians can provide a complete access control system service, from installation, programming, data management, and reporting. Our technicians can help you configure a control system that provides maximum security for your property.

Electronic Access Control Components

Electronic access control systems are a secure way to manage and monitor access for commercial and industrial facilities in Garland. Facilities such as airports, hospitals, data centers, banks, and companies need to protect particular areas, sections, or floors from unwanted access.

Electronic access control systems are made up of several components:

  • Access cards or key fobs are used as credentials.
  • Card readers are used for authenticating that the person has been granted access.
  • Electronic controller serves to grant access and allow entry into the facility.

All of these essential components allow for the identification and approval of an individual’s access.

Access Control System to Secure Your Property

Beyond security, we offer advanced technological solutions capable of integrating card access, keypad control, maglocks, biometric control, and more.

Whether you have a small office with a few doors or area large company with multiple facilities requiring an advanced access control system, we have the right solution for you.

We can provide you with a full assessment of your current security setup, identify gaps and concerns, and offer solutions that are relevant for your property.

The Best Electronic Access Control Solutions in Garland

Once our technicians have installed your electronic system, they will offer complete support with managing and operating your new system. Let us install and manage your security needs so that you can focus on other things. Call us today at (214) 468-0007!