Safe and Vault Installation Services in Dallas

Having a safe at home gives you the added security and protection for your valuables in an accessible and convenient manner. Make sure that it is working properly with Advanced Locksmith Inc.’s safe and vault installation services in Dallas.

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Small Fireproof Safe Installation

If you are looking to protect valuable documents or items that are not replaceable, then a fireproof safe is a logical option. These are perfect for items that may not interest a burglar, but that are important to you personally.

Burglary Safe Installation

These types of safes are heavier as they are typically made of steel. Burglary safes are usually concealed in some sort of manner to hide them from plain sight of an intruder.

Wall Safe Installation

As the name implies, these types of safes are concealed within the walls of your home. This is a very popular way to hide your documents and important items out of view. For added security, a wall safe may use additional concrete to secure it in place.

Floor Safe Installation

This type of safe can be installed on a concrete floor. This makes it much more difficult to be removed without the proper tools needed. Over time there is the issue of rust building up due to how it is installed. It is important to take the necessary measures to maintain this type of safe.

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Vault Installation

Adding a vault gives you the benefit of secure storage for your treasured personal items such as family heirlooms, jewelry, guns, and artwork. A heavily protected steel door with reinforced walls and a security room provide additional layers of security and safety. For more information on our vault installation services, call (214) 468-0007.

Reinforce the Walls of Your Vault Room

We offer several methods of reinforcement for your vault to ensure the maximum level of security. Some of these are:

Armored Steel Panels

Convert an existing room by adding armored steel panels to the walls. It is possible to then add drywall over the panels providing a seamless, transparent interior to your safe room.

Poured Concrete

This option can only be used in the basement of a building due to its extreme weight. It is also the least expensive option while providing an additional layer of security.


Resistant walls are manufactured out of a fiberglass style material. For a lighter alternative to be used in places that can’t hold up the weight of concrete or steel.

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Don’t wait until you experience a security breach to install a safe or vault. Protect your home or business with the added security that comes along with having a secure place to keep your irreplaceable items.

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